Reface it, don't replace it!



Granite Transformations' surfaces keep their looks, shrugging off everyday scrapes and scratches.





Granite Transformations' surfaces are all wear and no tear - the heavy duty finish protects against the hardest of knocks.





Granite Transformations' surfaces keep their cool even when the heat is on and can withstand up to 300°F without scorching or burning.





Granite Transformations' surfaces are non-porous, so most spills and stains simply wipe clean away.





Granite Transformations' surfaces keep their looks, shrugging off everyday scrapes and scratches.


It's never been easier to transform your kitchen!                        


Our professional team will provide you with a free in-home consultation, with each counter top custom made to fit your exact requirements


There is no need to remove your existing counter tops. We can simply bond our products directly over your existing surfaces, with no demolition


Installation in as little as 1-2 days. Our counter top and splashback surfaces will add value to your home, while giving your kitchen a fresh new look

Give your kitchen an instant makeover with Granite Transformations. We combined some of the worlds finest granites, quartz, stone and glass mosaics with state of the art polymer technology, to create Rocksolid Granit® & Cristallino®, two unique product ranges that can be fitted directly on top of your existing counter top and splashback surfaces.

Cool, sleek and sophisticated, Granite Transformations counter tops and splashbacks will add value to your home and give your kitchen a whole new look and style, thats pure luxury.


  • Heat, scratch and stain resistant
  • Unique and innovative product line in a range of beautiful colours
  • Our products will add value to your home
  • Functional & extremely durable surface
  • Our unique product and process saves you time and money
  • Little demolition required - little mess to clean
  • Projects completed in considerably less time
  • Maintenance free with no grout to clean
  • 10-year warranty

Hidden depths

Don't be fooled by the deep diamond polished shine and eye-catching sparkle - Granite Transformations is much more than just a pretty face. This high tech material is built to take everything you can throw at it and still keep its looks.

It's heat resistant up to a scorching 300°F, so you don't have to worry about putting hot pans down on the surface. Unlike natural granite, it's non-porous, so most spills and stains can be easily wiped away without a trace. It's also impact and scratch resistant, so it can stand up to the demands of even the busiest family kitchen.

Granite Transformations surfaces come in a range of colours designed to compliment every mood and style:

The Rocksolid Granit® range offers 8 subtle colours that represent all the natural hues of granite, from blacks and greys to blues, greens and whites.

The Cristallino® range is available in 6 bold colours, accented with pieces of glass and semiprecious stones to add extra sparkle.

To complete your kitchen makeover, Granite Transformations can simply replace your old cupboard doors with the latest styles available, and install new appliances for a fresh new look.


Why stop at the kitchen?

Granite Transformations surfaces are ideal for kitchen counter tops, but they are so versatile you can use them almost anywhere.

Use them on walls for splashbacks or to add a touch of style to cupboard kickplates. Make a real statement and use them as flooring (in tiles or sheets) or in the bathroom on vanity units, walls or bath surrounds. With no grout to worry about they bring a real touch of luxury and practicality to showers. They can even be gently curved.


Ideal for commercial projects

Granite Transformations range of products are also used commercially and available to interior designers, architects, builders and developers. Their smart appearance, versatility and durability make them the perfect choice for a variety of commercial applications, including hotels, restaurants and bars, boardrooms, reception areas, entry foyers, lobbies and restrooms.

Their minimal disruption and fast-turnaround time make them ideal for both refurbishment and new-build projects.




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